Do You Know How to Be Social?

A lot of people say they don’t like to play games. But the truth is, there is a science to human relationships. Whether you call it a game or not, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to master that science to learn how to attract a partner, create massive wealth and create the lifestyle that would make you feel truly happy and fulfilled.

It’s not about tricking anyone or not being yourself.


It’s about letting your true identity shine in a way that people can’t help but notice.


It’s about letting go of what’s holding you back so you can get what you really want.


It’s about using conversation skills that elevate your status to where it should be.

Are You Ready?

I can teach you how to be social, but it won’t happen overnight. You’ll have to  work hard, but I promise you, it’s worth it when your life is transformed and your dreams come true.


The world is your Oyster…
Shuck it!


Who Am I?


I’m not much different than you. I struggled with my confidence and made excuses to avoid going after what I really wanted. Then something happened that changed me forever and I turned my life around. Now, I’m dedicating my life to helping you do the same. Learn more about my story.

Authentic Social Hacking Approach


Do you feel like you’re in a rut?


Are you frustrated in your professional, social or dating life?


What if you could:


  • Have your pick of the premium end of the dating pool?
  • Reach new heights in your career?
  • Never be lost for words, no matter the person or situation?


It starts with changing the way the world sees you.

Authentic Social Hacking Approach training programs not only teach you how it’s done, but also help you internalize the knowledge and change your behaviour so you can see real results. Whether you want to learn how to attract women (or men), learn how to socialize naturally, get more respect at work, or just become the most awesome version of yourself, A.S.H. can take you there.

Authentic Social Hacking Approach


Building a relationship is a slow process but the foundation is established within seconds. That foundation sets the tone for the rest of your time together. In other words, you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. With A.S.H. training, you’ll learn social skills required to nail it. Every. Time.

The Spark: What people see from a distance.

Body Language

First Impression


The Flame: How you communicate with others.




The Ember: How your inner dialogue affects the way people see you.


Your Belief Systems

Self Love

Training Options

Are you looking to ignite a burning desire in the opposite sex? Or are your goals to set your social life a light? What about making your career explode with success?


A.S.H. training isn’t just for making new friends and romantic connections–it’s also great for becoming a more effective communicator in all areas of your life, including your career. Try individual training or host a session at your organization and share the benefits of effective communication and leadership skills with your team. You might be surprised at the opportunities that open up as a result.