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It was an awesome workshop that is full of good information, fun interactions and hands on practices. Believe or not, small details that you hardly pay any attention to actually are able to change your life.


~ Celia

The A.S.H. men’s weekend was superb! I am no longer intimidated to approach the attractive women that I truly want to meet. The skills learned have assisted me greatly in both the personal and professional relationships in my life.


~ Rob S.

Growing up I was always the nice guy. I was never respected, my friends didn’t listen to me and it was hard to get into relationships with women and when I did, it didn’t last and rarely ended well. It was all because of a lack of confidence. As i got older, and I became more confident, the problems were still there. After the training with Devon, he helped me realize a slew of old habits that were incongruent with who I was as a confident man. After a few tweaks and changes to my habits, body language, and communication, my friendships changed to respected relationships, evaluations at work went up, and my love life turned completely positive and started to soar. I definitely recommend Devon’s training to any man who wants to step up his life game in every way.


~ Ryan T.

This course is so insanely intuitive… as if every new concept I hear, I instantly love, and little by little I realize that the only thing that has been holding me back is me! My choices, my interpretations, my perception of the world. I feel completely free.


~ Jeremy D.

I really enjoyed the A.S.H. training weekend as it was extremely thorough and covered a lot of different topics like humor, style and status.


What you don’t know can hurt you and you wouldn’t even know it — I feel empowered knowing that I learned a method for improving awareness of these elements underlying social interaction of which I was previously oblivious to.


Devon and Josh were excellent facilitators that created a relaxed and interactive atmosphere highly conducive to learning while offering appropriate, specific and targeted feedback.


In addition to the actual weekend itself, it was an absolute pleasure to connect and be part of a community that continues to interact long after the initial training.


Many thanks Devon for being awesome, warm-hearted and generous!


~ Tai

Devon and his highly supportive team deliver a unique workshop focusing on the specific skills and traits of successfully connecting with members of the human race (and in my case, men!) with confidence, insight and fun. An extremely worthwhile investment in yourself with tons of value.

~ Christine

Before participating in the Ash week-end retreat, I felt in a rut. I had been going through a lot of changes and needed to reconnect with my social self and get out there again! The week-end was a great mix of theory, in class and in the field practice. It was fun and I now feel more confident to get out there and meet new people!

Thanks Devon for a great retreat!

~ Nat

I finally had my first date with the nurse last night. It went great. I got to apply a bunch of stuff from the course. The one that I had the most trouble with was physical escalation and even that went well.

We kissed at the end of the night and I’m going to see her again on Sunday.

Dude I’m stoked. I never thought my game could reach this level and I’m just scratching the surface. I feel like a million bucks.

The only thing I’m concerned with now is if things with this girl keep going well how to let down easy the other girls I’ve been going on dates with. If you have any advice on that end it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for all your help.

~ Joao

Things have been great since taking the course! Life is a lot more fun now…


~ Mitch D.

The course with Devon opened up my eyes to the myriad opportunities out there. Moreover, it helped me in becoming the best version of myself. Now, I am living my life exactly how I always wanted. It was the best decision I’ve ever made !! Thanks a ton Devon !!!


~ Jessica R.

The full transformation I have undergone in the past year would have never been possible without you guys.


~ Tyler

Going into the women’s workshop, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I needed something to push me forward in my life but I didn’t know what exactly that was or how to do it. Over the weekend, Devon raised and answered questions I hadn’t even thought of. I met a fantastic group of supportive women who pushed me out of my comfort zone in countless ways throughout the weekend. This experience was by far one the most memorable of my life and I was sad to end the weekend. Since leaving the workshop, my confidence has increased dramatically and I have a whole new outlook on approaching new people and talking to strangers. I used to have a dread of small talk. Devon helped me realize how easy it is to move on from small talk and how to really discover more about someone new. He also made me realize that I wasn’t giving enough of myself in these interactions – I was hiding myself and, I realize now, that I was probably a pretty boring person to talk to! My fear of small talk was holding me back from meeting some great people – and having them meet me! I recommend this workshop to anyone who feels their life could use a spark and a jolt of confidence.


~ Julie

Devon helped me change the way I see myself, which has greatly improved my interactions with others. Uncertainty and fear have been replaced by confidence and optimism. Thanks for unlocking my potential!


~ Gordon

I took Devon’s workshop to improve my social skills…

But I left with vastly more.

I learned tools for connecting authentically, the importance of getting out of my comfort zone, being assertive and just having fun while working on improving my social and communication skills. It was great to be surrounded by wonderful and supportive people who helped me push the boundaries and achieve goals that I never thought I would be able to do on my own.

Devon’s support and feedback throughout the workshop was extremely helpful, but he provided great support before and after the class which made this a unique experience compared to any other classes I have ever taken.

~ Violet