Social Skills Course Curriculum

The Advanced Social Hacking curriculum is delivered through a mix of instruction, discussion and hands-on exercises. You’ll learn by doing, which will help you internalize the lessons and change your behaviour much faster than if you had simply read the material.


Course breakdown:


Understanding Status and the Social Hierarchy


  • The Foundations of Attraction: How and why evolution and society have made some behaviours more attractive than others.
  • High-Status vs. Low-Status Behaviors: How to use conversation skills and body language to raise your social status.


Meeting Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime


  • Advanced Conversational Techniques: How to communicate with awareness, agility, versatility and authenticity.
  • The Daytime Approach: How to attract and connect with the people you want to meet.


Creating Connections and Building Boundaries


  • Right Speech: How to speak with your true voice to raise your status and influence people.
  • The Art of Assertiveness: How to clearly and confidently communicate who you really are.


Turning Life into a Social Playground


  • Advanced Humor Techniques: How to create laughter that boosts your status.
  • The Nighttime Approach: How to work a room, from bars and dinner parties, to networking events and holiday parties.


Moving Forward and Getting Closer


  • Harnessing Social Magnetism: How to use sensual conversation techniques to attract whomever you want.
  • Establishing Irresistible Sexual Presence: How to express interest, attraction and desire without seeming sleazy or fake.