East Meets West

custom training programs on international social skills, etiquette and business acumen.

Do you feel anxious and unsure about how to behave during international business meetings and social events?
Are you looking to expand your business globally?
Do you want your children to attend better schools so they can experience more success later in life?
Are you frustrated in your professional, social or dating life?


What if you could:


  • Reach new heights in your career and business by connecting with the international business world?
  • Strike up great conversations, no matter the cultural differences?
  • Guarantee your children’s financial success?
  • Have your pick of the premium end of the dating pool?


A.S.H. international social skills training programs not only provide you with the skills to achieve your personal and professional goals, but also help you to internalize the knowledge through drills and exercises. This form of training allows you to change your behavior so you can see real results. In addition to helping you to understand international cultural expectations, we also teach you how to establish great, lasting relationships.



Social etiquette classes which teach manners and social norms can only get you so far, to avoid awkward moments while you build genuine friendships, business partners and a sustainable corporate culture you must delve into a deeper level of knowledge: communication skills training. Topics like understanding international body language cues, conversational agility and Western humor appreciation are necessary for your success at home and abroad.



It starts with changing the way the rest of the world sees you and how you see the rest of the world.

“Building a relationship is a slow process but the foundation is established within seconds. That foundation sets the tone for the rest of your time together. In other words, you rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. With A.S.H. science based training, you’ll learn the international social skills required to make a GREAT first impression.”

~ Devon O’B Ash

International Edge

Cross Cultural Education

Interact with Elite Socialites

Western Manners

Cultivate Relationships

Engage with Foreigners

Social Skills Training

Conversational Agility

Business Networking

Sales Training

Corporate Culture

Interview Skills

Body Language

Voice Training

Customer service

Style Makeover


Dating Skills

Business Customs

International Etiquette


Dining and Entertaining



Understanding Status

Some of what you will learn

Basic training concepts


  • Understanding Western Culture & Etiquette
  • Foundations of Social Dynamics
  • Expanding Your Comfort Zone
  • Understanding Status in ANY Culture
  • Behaviors of Power in the West
  • Identifying & Contrasting social norms
  • Social Tension and Anxiety
  • Personal and Group Frame Control
  • Relationship Escalation
  • Balancing Social Investment

Social Confidence


  • Step by Step methods for meeting new people
  • Personal Vs. Business approach
  • Day time Vs. Night time interactions



  • Asking for what you want without being rude
  • The difference between Aggressive & Assertive

Body Language


  • Cultural differences in body language
  • What does your body language say?
  • Active and Passive Listening
  • Powerful Eye Contact Training
  • Voice Work – How tone, volume and pace affect what you are saying
  • Appropriate touching and personal space

Humor in the West


  • High Status Humor
  • How humor is used internationally
  • Tools for effective humor
  • The structure of humor



  • Conversational do’s and dont’s
  • Making small talk work for you
  • Negotiation tactics and skills
  • Asking the right kind of questions
Client Program Outcomes


Age 8 - 18
- Learn and understand the basics of how to socialize and make friends in Western culture.
- Improve communication skills.
- Never be at a loss for words in a social situation.
- Know how to communicate your strengths and how to answer difficult questions during interviews.
- Prepare elementary and high school students for prestigious schools.
- Make a profound impression on teachers and classmates.


Age 18 and up
- Make a great impression every time, both personally and professionally.
- Create more opportunities to make friends in the west.
- Confidence in any social situation including, dining and entertaining.
- Always look confident and in control of yourself.
- Date anyone from any culture.


- Understanding and knowledge of business dynamic in different cultures.
- More financial opportunities through smooth business transactions.
- Confidence in meetings & dinners by understanding etiquette and culture.
- Network confidently with anyone and set yourself apart from competition.
- Have employees that give your business an international edge.
- Provide exceptional customer service and create great corporate culture.
Social skills for success around the world
Devon O'Brien Ash

Creating culturally and socially

intelligent people to thrive and

connect internationally.

Growing up, I moved around a lot and I had to figure out the social hierarchy of each school and community I joined. I had to learn how to make friends while standing out in the right way, and every time I moved, I started again with a blank slate. It was a tough process, but over time I got very good and made friends quickly. I became what you might call ‘a natural’; making friends was easy for me, but I didn’t understand why it worked the way it did.


In Grade 10, I attended Columbine High School, the site of the infamous “columbine massacre”. Like many other schools I had attended, it had a serious culture of bullying. When the shooting happened, I was in university studying Communications. I decided at that moment I wanted to start something to help people feel real connections with each other.


It wasn’t until I graduated university (Cum Laude) that my real test took place. I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my face and underwent major surgery. The resulting scar transformed my appearance forever. For the first time in my life, I found myself unable to sustain eye contact with new people in fear of rejection. I fell into depression, my confidence plummeted, and I lost my ability to connect.


After several months of suffering, I made the decision to reclaim my life and started my rediscovery of social skills. I studied the science of human attraction, read books, talked to people, and observed strangers who knew how to be social. I became obsessed. I tried everything out for myself and found certain things worked and others didn’t. I fell on my face–a lot–but I also started to have some success. Over time, my successes became more consistent, more steady–even better than when I was ‘a natural’. I had achieved social mastery.


Based on this research and experience, I developed A.S.H., my comprehensive people Advanced Social Hacking skills training program. Using the principles in the program, I have consistently built amazing relationships with over 10,000 men and women in the West, including working with several businesses including Apple, Google, Youtube and many more. Now, I’m sharing these tools with the rest of the world having already worked with several individuals and businesses in Hong Kong and China and seeing great results. This is an attempt to help bridge the gap between our two cultures, so you can enjoy more meaningful relationships internationally and have success in both your professional and your personal life. Whatever you need to make that happen, I am here for you.




Devon O’Brien Ash