Should Men Use Money as a Lure or a Lock?

Lock or Lure

Should Men Use Money as a Lure or a Lock?

Speaking in evolutionary terms, women seek safety and security while men seek beauty. Men want to make healthy babies and women want to make sure those babies survive to adulthood. Don’t get upset when men are obsessed with younger women and women are obsessed with wealthier men. It’s just how it goes.


Using money as a lure


But the question is: how do you use these assets as tools to reach your final goal of having a happy, long-term relationship? I would argue most men use their money as a lure. They display it proudly with their fancy car and their slick suit. They use it as a peacock might use its tail feathers, beckoning women and seducing them. Now, you say “Devon… if it worked for the peacock then why can’t I do that?” Peacocks don’t mate for life. Each year, a new stock of male options opens up and the females choose who has the prettiest feathers this time. It’s the same if you use your money as a lure, she will see you as a peacock. She’ll become a gold digger without that intention in the first place. The reality is, men create gold diggers by making the attraction based solely around your money.


Using money as a lock


Wealthy men who find successful relationships either find it by dating a wealthy woman or by playing down the money angle at first. Imagine this scenario: he sweeps her off her feet while hardly spending any money. Their romance is based on massive attraction because he was able to cultivate it naturally using body language and humor. After a few weeks they start to fall in love. At this point he says:


“Hey, I want to get some sun. Are you free this weekend?”


She answers “I would love to. Want to go on a road trip down the west coast?”


He replies “Actually, I just got us two tickets to Hawaii. Pack a bag!”


Now he has her locked in. That is to say, she fell in love with him, not his money. Then the money acts as a final nail in the coffin of love. Female readers: feel free to re-read this article and replace the word “money” with “sex”.


Lock it down,


Devon OB Ash