Dinning out

The Sexy Sense of Humor

Humor is the closest thing to a magic bullet for attraction and building rapport. Making people laugh is the best way to quickly stand out from the pack. Being funny in the right kind of way is extremely attractive.


But not all kinds of humor work.


Some people play it safe by always making themselves the target of the joke, which is also known as self-deprecating humor. While being able to laugh at yourself is good once in a while, when you do it exclusively, it quickly lowers your status.


Someone with a sexy sense of humor primarily targets other people and things as the butt of the joke. They’re messing with people, they’re having fun, and they’re essentially entertaining themselves. They risk offending people because they are confident, which is very high status behavior.


Some might say that you either have a sexy sense of humor or you don’t. I disagree entirely! Humor is just a set of formulas you can easily replicate if you’re aware of them.


By Devon O’B Ash,