Who’s Worth More: How Taking it Slow Elevates Your Status

Who’s Worth More: How Taking it Slow Elevates Your Status

Imagine a scenario if you will: two consultants sit down for a lunch together for one full hour. One of the consultants charges $1000/hour; let’s call her “A”. The other, or “B”, charges $100/hour. Try to picture their behavior over lunch. Who moves and talks slower and who moves and talks faster in this scenario?


Your instinct may have told you that A will move faster because time is money and they value their time so they would move faster. I would argue the opposite. I would say that if I was sitting across from someone who bills themselves out at 10x my rate I would do everything I could to not waste their time and as such I would move faster. Think about how the executive assistant moves compared to the CEO. Think about how the lion moves compared to the meerkat. Status moves SLOW.


When you know your time is worth 10x that of others, you are in no rush. That isn’t to say A won’t use brevity and elegance with her words. In fact she probably won’t say all that much because for high status people, it’s about quality not quantity.


So how do you move? What is your pace? Do you move like your time is worth $1000/hour, $100/hour or $10/hour? What you actually charge right now is not totally in your control, but your behaviour is. Start earning $1000/hour through your behaviour and more people will start respecting the value of your time.


Slowly yours,

Devon O'Brien Ash

Devon OB Ash