Why He Should Love You More Than You Love Him

Why He Should Love You More Than You Love Him

I had my mind blown over dinner with a friend recently on the side of a cliff in Bali. It wasn’t the worst place to have my opinion destroyed. She told me about an interaction she’d had with a close friend’s mother when she was a young woman. The mother told her: “Marry someone who loves you more than you love them.”


When I heard this, my first instinct told me it was a horrible idea. I scoffed that people should love each other equally. She nodded and said “Yes, but when should they do that?” I sat there dumb-founded for a moment. “Umm, all the time?” She looked at me “Do you really think that’s realistic?” Oh snap!


I’ll save you the dialogue and just break this thang down for ya. Men love the thrill of the hunt and the joy of taking down a prize kill. If a man scores a beautiful, young woman that seems out of his league he will be super happy about it. He will cherish her and treat her like an angel. He will do this for years and years if she is good to him.


Now here’s the deal. We all know this but some of us have a really hard time hearing it: men age better. It’s not just a cultural thing. It’s an evolutionary thing. Young women have more attraction power because they are able to bare healthy children. Men on the other hand can make babies into their 60s and their earning power goes up and up over time.


Let’s say a woman marries a guy who is a 7 and she is a 10 in his eyes. Over the course of time her number will go down a little and he will go up a little and they will find happiness together at 9. But he will have seen her as an amazing catch for so long that it will just be his reality and as you start your downward descent he will stand by you all the way and not leave you for a younger woman. If this upsets you I am sorry… you could just ignore the reality if you would like to. I wish you luck with that.


Yours in realness,

Devon O'Brien Ash

Devon OB Ash