The Curriculum

The Authentic Social Hacking curriculum is delivered through a mix of instruction, discussion and hands-on exercises. You’ll learn by doing, which will help you internalize the lessons and change your behaviour much faster than if you had simply read the material.


Understanding the social hierarchy

The Foundations of Attraction

How and why evolution & society have made some behaviors more attractive than others

High-Status vs. Low-Status Behaviors

How to use conversation agility & advanced body language to raise social status 


Meeting anyone, anywhere, anytime

Advanced Conversation

How to dynamically communicate

The Daytime Approach

How to attract and connect with the people you want to meet


Creating genius connections and building boundaries

Right Speech

How to speak with influence people in a positive way 

The Art of Assertiveness

How to clearly and confidently communicate who you really are & set necessary boundries 


Turning life into a social playground

Sexy Sense of Humor

How to boost your statue & make people feel good

The Nighttime Approach

How to work a room, from bars and dinner parties to networking events and holiday parties


Moving forward and getting closer

Harnessing Magnetism

How to use sensual conversation techniques to attract whomever you want

Establishing Irresistible Sexual Presence

How to express interest, attraction, and desire without seeming sleazy or fake

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