How come only some funny guys are popular with women? Isn’t a sense of humor attractive in general? The answer is no.


Let me explain.


Humor comes in different forms. Self-deprecating humor involves making yourself the target of the joke, and when this type of humor is your status-quo, it gives the impression that you have low self-esteem and low status. You can see why that would not help you much in the dating world. On the other hand, humor that targets other people, places, professions, and political views is more attractive because it demonstrates that you’re not afraid to offend. In other words, you don’t really care if people like you. To put it another way, do you think a lion really cares about the opinions of the lambs?


The Perfect Blend of Humor


This is not to say that self-deprecating humor is never good and that you should always make fun of others. Too much of the latter will make you come across like an asshole, so tempering it with about 30% self-deprecation is good. It shows you are just having fun and you don’t mind making yourself the butt of the joke every once in a while – just not all the time.


Now get out there and poke some lighthearted fun at others. You have nothing to lose.


Yours in jest,

Devon OB Ash

This course is so insanely intuitive… as if every new concept I hear, I instantly love, and little by little I realize that the only thing that has been holding me back is me! My choices, my interpretations, my perception of the world, I feel completely free.

— Jeremy D.