Forget “fake it til you make it”… there is no MAKING IT, just focus on faking it til you FEEL it…

A great way to start the “fake it til you feel it” passage is with your fashion choices. 

When a person sees a someone with a good sense of fashion they are immediately drawn to him or her. It is generally uncommon that a woman would approach someone they are attracted to but style allows woman an opportunity to initiate conversation by complimenting a man on his style. 

We are drawn to style for four reasons.

1) Fashion showcases cultural awareness, you’re hip to what’s hot.

  • Knowing what is cool shows that you are cool.
  • Understanding the world we live in is very attractive. 

2) It highlights your personality and shows your confidence in yourself.

  • Be cool, really allow yourself to be cool, too many people don’t think they are cool and think that EVERYONE knows it… so they are unable to act cool. If you can just “act as if” you are cool you will be surprised how people react to you. 

3) Taking fashion risks shows you don’t care what others think.

  • Nobody knows how hip or unhip you are, fact is everyone is too concerned thinking about what other people are thinking about them to think about your degree of “hipness” 

4) You are decisive: by making a clear choice with your style you show you are not afraid to make choices. This action will put some people out of your attraction zone but it will pull many others in. 

What we wear speaks volumes about what we think about ourselves and in turn what we think about the world. A person who is well put together will garner a great deal of attention from women and men a like. That attention is a form of social proof (which we will discuss at length later) and your comfort level with that attention is very attractive. 


To your mild discomfort,

Devon OB Ash

Growing up I was always the nice guy. I was never respected, my friends didn’t listen to me and it was hard to get into relationships with women and when I did, it didn’t last and rarely ended well. It was all because of a lack of confidence. As I got older, and I became more confident, the problem were still there. After the training with Devon, he helped me realize a slew of old habits that were incongruent with who I was as a confident man. After a few tweaks and changes to my habits, body language, and communication, my friendships changed to respected relationships, evaluations at work went up, and my love life turned completely positive and started to soar. I definitely recommend Devon’s training to any man who wants to step up his game in every way.

— Ryan T.